Author - Nina Cordoba

Books: Dead Men Don't Eat Quiche (Martin and Owen Funny Romantic Mysteries #2)

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Dead Men Don't Eat Quiche (Martin and Owen Funny Romantic Mysteries #2)

What would you risk for someone you love?

Rika’s father, Chef Diego Martín, has finally been able to return to Los Angeles after 15 years. But, a month later, his sous chef is found dead, Diego, missing. Rika is panicked at the thought of losing her one living parent permanently. All she knows is that she has to find her father, and she needs Nick Owen by her side.

Not one night passed in the last six months that Nick hasn’t lain awake thinking of Rika, even though he’s given up hoping she’ll contact him. It’s for the best, anyway. But when she calls and asks him to fly to L.A., nothing could keep him away. And when he sees her again, she’s even more beautiful than she was last summer. However, he may not be prepared for what he discovers in her hometown, like Rika’s formidable grandmother who treats him like molester, the fact that L.A. men find him really attractive or the weird Hollywood cult members who are spying on him and Rika. Oh, and maybe worst of all—LeeAnne.

Nick never wants to see tears in Paprika’s beautiful eyes again. But is there really a chance of finding Diego alive and solving the murder before it’s too late?