Author - Nina Cordoba

Books: Dead Men Don't Eat Quiche

Summer 2017!

Dead Men Don't Eat Quiche

Rika's dad has finally gotten to come back to L.A. again and be near her. But after only a few weeks at his new job as head chef at the Microtology VIP Center, his sous chef is dead and he's disappeared. If that's not bad enough, the cops think he's the prime suspect. Rika is trying to keep a clear head and find her father before it's too late, but having a second parent abducted is just too much, especially considering what happened to her mother all those years ago.

When Nick gets a call from Rika, he catches the first flight he can to L.A. Unfortunately, Marla--the woman who's been camped out at his house for a month--ends up coming along. He ditches her and Gucci at the hotel, but finds that stepping into Rika's world is pretty strange, with the bizarre Hollywood Microtologist cult, a stalker Rika neglected to mention, and the fact that Rika's grandmother and aunts treat him like he's a molester instead of the guy who helped Rika through her troubles last summer.

With too many suspects who had reason to kill and sketchy characters following Rika wherever she goes, can Nick and Rika find her father and solve the case before something unthinkable happens?