Author - Nina Cordoba

Books: Mia Like Crazy

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Mia Like Crazy

New York attorney Mia Medina isn’t sure what’s happening to her. After working methodically since childhood to escape life in the housing projects, she earned her dream job at a prestigious law firm. Yet, she has suddenly quit after only three years.

When a colleague calls to say he’s referred a multimillionaire client to her, she tells herself quitting wasn’t a mistake. She’s not losing it. And she’s certainly not the mess her mother was. But her new client Drew Larson turns out to be an angry recluse with a dangerous past. When he offers her millions of dollars to be his temporary wife, Mia agrees, telling herself it will get her the fortune she’s always thought would make everything right. But deep down, she knows she’s not staying for the money. There’s something compelling about Larson that she just can’t walk away from.

As she begins to see flashes of who Drew really is, she finds herself in love with a man who suffered through a childhood so horrible, even she can’t imagine it. Drew treats Mia like she’s something precious and cares for her in ways no one ever did before. But how can she be with a man who can’t bring himself to touch her?

She desperately wants him to lose the tight control he has over himself like he did for a few passionate moments that night in the car. Yet, even if she can break down that barrier, can she make a life with someone even more damaged than she is? Regardless, all her efforts may be in vain when she takes action to right an injustice in his past, and “bad Drew” returns with a vengeance.

*Note to readers: Although this story contains many moments of humor and an uplifting ending, it is a women's fiction-themed love story, not an LOL romantic comedy like other Nina Cordoba novels.