Author - Nina Cordoba


Sept 14, 2021


Back to Bolo…

Nick, Rika, and LeeAnne return to Bolo, Texas after learning Nick’s cousin has been murdered. Nick and Rika know--from previous experience with the Sheriff Strickland and his deputy--that if the case is going to be solved, they will have to solve it themselves.

The one silver lining of this trip is that Nick can finally spend some uninterrupted nights with Rika… if he can iron out their mangled romantic communications. While they’re in town, Nick learns his mother has tricked and betrayed him in shocking ways that changed the direction of his life. Rika and LeeAnne—accidentally—find themselves providing the entertainment at a strip club, and—accidentally, again—get Nick into a fight.

Then, Nick tries to do a good deed and finds himself in jeopardy. Rika thinks she’s solved the case, but can she get to Nick in time to save his life?