Author - Nina Cordoba


Series: Martin and Owen Mysteries

If you like the Stephanie Plum series or TV's Castle, you'll love Rika Martín and Nick Owen! Sample now.


No More Mr. Nice Girl

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In this laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, life-long good girl Paige Tipton learns what her dead husband was doing, for years, while she bent over backwards to try to please him. And she hopes Jeffrey is watching from hell when she finds some long-haired biker dude and does with him what Jeffrey did with all those hookers. Besides, a guy she finds at a creepy dive bar will never, ever pop up in her upscale real life. Now, if she can only get the biker to cooperate…


Always Dreaming of You

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Note: Always Dreaming of You is the sequel to Not Dreaming of You

Tragedy has struck the Carson-Villanueva family. All linguistics professor Chris Carson can do is keep busy and hope the crippling feeling of loss will fade. Until a chance encounter with a striking young woman injects him with optimism. But when she tips him and drives off without giving him her name, he's disappointed...and a little insulted.


Mia Like Crazy

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New York attorney Mia Medina isn’t sure what’s happening to her. After working methodically since childhood to escape life in the housing projects, she earned her dream job at a prestigious law firm. Yet, she has suddenly quit after only three years.

When a colleague calls to say he’s referred a multimillionaire client to her, she tells herself quitting wasn’t a mistake. She’s not losing it. And she’s certainly not the mess her mother was. But her new client Drew Larson turns out to be an angry recluse with a dangerous past. When he offers her millions of dollars to be his temporary wife, Mia agrees, telling herself it will get her the fortune she’s always thought would make everything right. But deep down, she knows she’s not staying for the money. There’s something compelling...


Don't Make Me Make You Brownies

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Laugh-out-loud romantic comedy!


Raised by vegetarian hippies on an organic produce farm, Abbie Greenwood wants to save the world. But the L.A. TV station where she works as a consumer reporter won’t let her do the globally important stories she wants to do, and now the “guys upstairs” are suggesting she mix a little of “the nasty” into her helping-people segments to raise the—already high—ratings. Afraid the TV biz is sucking out her soul, Abbie agrees to take all the time-off she’s saved and housesit for her sister in the suburbs of Houston where conservatism and good barbequing skills are highly rated. But, it will give her time alone to re-evaluate her life, or, at least, give the “guys upstairs” time to see how ratings plummet without her.

Once in Houston, Abbie causes a raucous with a column she guest-writes for her sister’s neighborhood newsletter and butts heads with the president of the homeowner’s association from across the street. Rick’s a real hunk (yum!) of a lawyer (yuck!) who drives a fancy pickup (wasting natural resources), is an ex-rodeo cowboy (too macho, but kinda hot)...


Not Dreaming Of You

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(Award-winning Novel) Kiki Villanueva holds a master’s degree from UCLA, is the best second grade teacher ever, and believes she had a psychic dream when she was thirteen in which she was given a list of her future husband’s attributes. Children are her life, and Kiki has good reason to think she may not have any if she doesn’t marry soon. Since typical dating methods haven’t been working out, she decides that when she goes back to L.A. for the summer, she’ll start using the list to sort through potential candidates.

When jaded political journalist Mark Bennett confesses to his doctor he no longer finds women—or anything else—exciting, Dr. Chuck is worried he’s depressed and suggests a change of pace. Mark agrees to write a fluff piece for a magazine about people who join high-priced dating services. (His premise is "Losers or Lunatics?") The dating service introduces him to Kiki, and he’s charmed by her open, passionate nature—not to mention her big, brown “do me” eyes—though she definitely belongs in the "lunatic" category with that psychic stuff. Mark is a confirmed…