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4/12/2011 1:27:50 PM
Yeah, I was wierd. Probably still am. As an early gradeschooler, my hero was Zorro. (Saturday afternoon matinee at the movies.) I'd dream I swooped down on the school yard on my white horse, cape billowing behind me and save the little kids from the fifth graders who were picking on them. Not a regular kind of thing for a girl to do back then.

Nina Cordoba
4/13/2011 6:01:18 AM
Wow! That's pretty hot Cheri! (If I swung that way, I mean--haha!)

4/13/2011 11:38:39 AM
Since I have an aversion to the word "weird" (and that's an odd story in and of itself; but I'm not telling that one) I'll call myself eccentric and unique. I was definitely an eccentric and unique child. One example is I had several imaginary friends. I still remember a couple of their names (although what importance they had beyond being my companions I couldn't say). There were times I'd be mad at my imaginary friends--and I had whole scenerios worked out. Now, as a writer, my imaginary friends are different--they have different names and occupations--and they are no longer called imaginary friends, but characters. I also made up songs as a little girl, and as I grew up I'd write lyrics, essays, poetry, and eventually short stories and novels.

4/13/2011 12:12:10 PM
Thanks, Nina! I didn't know I was a weird kid until now! LOL I still remember the names of my imaginary friends. Paul and Laura. We did everything together. And the best part was nobody else new they were there. :)

Nina Cordoba
4/13/2011 1:49:46 PM
I didn't have any imaginary friends...unless you count Tiny, and all my stuffed animals who I was sure could get their feelings hurt if they didn't all get to sleep with me. I also worried they would suffocate if I didn't tuck the covers carefully under their chins. Bethany--I embrace the word "weird" now. Better weird than typical. Melissa--Paul and Laura? Why those names in particular, I wonder? My daughter made me call her Chelsea and pretended to be a dog for a good while when she was young. It was embarrassing because I'd call her name when we were leaving a friend's house and she'd ignore me. If I wanted us to go I'd have to slap my thighs and say, "Here Chelsea! Here girl!" She'd "bound" over and jump in the car.

4/13/2011 2:04:23 PM
LOL well...I would never be mistaken for "typical" and if I was it would be someone who didn't know me AT ALL *insert grin here* Nope, I won't embrace the word "weird" for a couple of reasons I won't go into on here :-)


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