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Suzan Harden
3/30/2011 9:24:56 AM
Nina, You and the Great God Able are wonderful people. This makes more sense than Amazon's posted instructions.

Ruth Kenjura
3/30/2011 9:35:16 AM
Nina, our minds seemed to be in sync today. Now that could be a scary situation. Thanks for posting the information. Ruth

3/30/2011 9:40:52 AM
Thanks, Nina!

Elizabeth Simmons
3/30/2011 12:26:00 PM
Nina, Thank you for your help. To show my appreciation, I'd like to give you my first born child. But since she's college-educated with a husband and a child of her own, she'll probably balk. So instead, I'll just say THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

3/30/2011 12:31:40 PM
Nina, you are the goddess of all things technical. I hate to tell you this because it will cost me money, but you need to write a book. Tell EVERYTHING. Start with typing “The End.” How do you get a copyright, make the front cover, all that other stuff. Start the book now. The time is right. You’ll make a fortune.

Nina Cordoba
3/30/2011 1:28:57 PM
Gee, I didn't actually expect anyone to read my blog today. I know fiction writers would rather be reading or writing fiction...or at least something entertaining. Suzan-the reason I did this was because instructions written by computer geeks never make sense to me. They always use terms I'm not sure about and write it in a way that doesn't make sense to me. Notice I said that "I" wrote down the instructions. If I'd let Abel write them, they would have been over my head the next time I wanted to use them. Ruth--Whether our minds are in sync or not, I'll never forget that night at the RWA conference when we were on your bed in the hotel together. Of course, there were about 20 other women there, and most of the sensuality was due to the fact that you were feeding me chocolate... You're welcome Tess and Elizabeth and Susan. If you've all bought my book, that's thanks enough. If not... Oh and Susan, a book is legally copyrighted by putting "Copyright 2011, Your Name." Most people also include some kind of warning about it being a crime to infringe. You can look in various books and see them. Registering the copyright isn't necessary. The "pirates"--I call them "book stealers" so as not to romanticize them, who are the main culprits, don't care about the copyright either way.

Suzan H.
3/30/2011 1:47:23 PM
But, Nina, I figured you two were like most married couples: he starts with a 45-page opus of the internal combustion engine, and you compressed it down to "Go to the end of the block, turn right, and Kroger's is on your right at the next light."

3/31/2011 5:05:36 AM
This was awesome!! It makes more sense to me now, and I've done it! LOL

Nancy KB
3/31/2011 5:07:14 AM
Fantastic, helpful post. I'll be sharing a link to it with all my writing groups!

3/31/2011 5:15:34 AM
Nina and Abel, Thank you so much for sharing this. Great post. There might be something in this writing a Dummie book. All writers have at least one shelf decorated with yellow how-tos, but most seem to be written by geniuses with large vocabularies. It would be a public service to have someone translate for the rest of us in this imperfect world.

Vonna Carter
3/31/2011 6:42:14 AM
Nina, you are a doll! Thanks for putting together such a helpful post. BTW, I found you through Nancy's link on our Houston YA/MG Writers list.

Bridgette Mongeon
3/31/2011 7:19:35 AM
Thanks for posting this. I'm trying to compile information for this entire process so please let me know when you have other information on this subject. Also, sure wish you had widgets on the bottom of this post that would have let me post it to facebook with a click. You should think of getting one. I am sure many people would have shared this quickly. If you get them on this post. let me know. I spread the post around.

Stacey Purcell
4/1/2011 6:20:48 AM
Sorry I'm late to the party! This was a wonderful step-by-step guide to formatting. We all know how NOT adept I am at technology, but I'm trying (and hopefully learning). With friends like you, who are willing to share the knowledge, I just might be able to survive in this business. Thanks!!!

Cornelia Amiri
4/1/2011 3:33:38 PM
Thank you so much. This is so wonderful and so helpful. I just got rights back for my out of contract back list and I'm putting it on kindle. Thank you so very much!

Nina Cordoba
4/2/2011 11:32:37 PM
Suzan--something like that. Melissa, Nancy, Stacey, Vonna and Cornelia--thanks! Bridget, you asked for a widget, and on my blog, it's ask and yea shall receive. (See below.) Jody--I'm afraid it would be a csse of the dummy leading the dummies.

Nina Cordoba
4/2/2011 11:32:37 PM
Suzan--something like that. Melissa, Nancy, Stacey, Vonna and Cornelia--thanks! Bridget, you asked for a widget, and on my blog, it's ask and yea shall receive. (See below.) Jody--I'm afraid it would be a csse of the dummy leading the dummies.

Nina Cordoba
4/2/2011 11:33:12 PM
Suzan--something like that. Melissa, Nancy, Stacey, Vonna and Cornelia--thanks! Bridget, you asked for a widget, and on my blog, it's ask and yea shall receive. (See below.) Jody--I'm afraid it would be a csse of the dummy leading the dummies.

Amanda Deats
4/4/2011 5:24:43 PM
Nina, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Chuck Emerson
4/11/2011 9:28:49 PM
Wish I'd known you posted this. Bought a book over weekend to redo my Kindle. Had to get into HTML a bunch. thanks and Huggs, Rhonda.

Nina Cordoba
4/11/2011 9:50:47 PM
Amanda, you're welcome, you're welcome, you're welcome. Chuck--See what happens when you don't read my blog religiously? I'd posted on FB and I thought I put in on the writer's loop. Glad you got it worked out!

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4/21/2011 10:45:15 AM
This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.

Nina Cordoba
4/21/2011 12:23:23 PM
FSR-Thanks and good luck in all your endeavors!

Julie A. D'Arcy
4/22/2011 2:50:59 AM
I just hope I am smart enough to do this. anything technical friightens the hell out of me, but thanks. I have a pretty long backlist so I am going to take a crack at this.Thank you for sharing and for Cornelia for putting me on to you. Cheers Julie

Nina Cordoba
4/22/2011 3:49:09 PM
It's not so hard, Julie, and there's no use letting good stories sit on your hard drive. Feel free to email me at if you have any issues and I'll see if I can help. And who's Cornelia? She must be a writer friend of a writer friend. There are only a couple of degrees of separation from any of us now, with the writers' groups and Facebook.

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5/25/2011 4:04:17 AM
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6/6/2011 12:57:14 PM
Gerade auf den Punkt und gut geschrieben! Warum kann nicht jeder andere auch so sein?

Nina Cordoba
6/6/2011 9:35:46 PM
wow, I think this is the first compliment I've ever gotten in German! Thanks, and the answer to your question is: Weil die anderen Anweisungen werden von technischen Menschen, nicht Schriftsteller geschrieben. (Because the other instructions are written by technical people, not writers--at least that's what I hope I said.)

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Chuck Emerson
7/3/2011 5:44:19 PM
I followed your instructions meticulously up to the "d/l the Mobi creator." I used Calibre after that. Amazing how much easier you made it for me compared to the first one (which I will reformat tomorrow before I forget how). Thanks, Rhonda !

7/21/2011 11:53:50 AM
Please keep thorwnig these posts up they help tons.

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