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7/9/2016 2:18:12 AM
Thank you for sharing your experience Nina! Knowing what I want on my covers has always been the sticking point, because I've been told (by editors and others in the know) that with traditional publishing, my cover isn't something I control. I am blessed to have a sister who is an amazing photographer and who adores photoshop, but even there I still know it'll cost me. I think that's why I have put off having her put together a shoot. When I do, it'll be a long day, with multiple models and cost me a small fortune. This might be an option to consider. :)

J "Joy" Dawn King
9/9/2016 6:06:01 PM
A link to this post was in an author's group on Facebook. I used 99Designs for my first audio cover. The cost was $399. I found the process to be exactly as you described. The artist I ended up choosing was extremely cooperative. However, I've since found a designer for my historical romances who seems to be able to read my mind and deliver exactly what I imagine so I've not used 99Design since. But I can highly recommend them. Great post!

Preksha das
4/8/2017 9:24:36 AM
Hi, This blog is really nice and informative as well. You have shared a all the things in a well mannered way which is really good ( Thank you for the blog

C T Messing
2/26/2018 4:37:01 PM
One of the most useful reviews of 99Designs I have found. Thank you


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