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3/26/2011 11:39:27 AM
I might not be classically handsome but I sure am classically AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

3/26/2011 1:52:59 PM sweet. An funny. I bet there is never a dull moment when you guys go out. :-) And yes, Abel, you ARE classically awesome!

3/26/2011 2:22:22 PM
Go, Abel!!!

Nina Cordoba
3/27/2011 9:27:26 AM
Stop, you two, you'll give him a bigger head!

Stacey Purcell
3/28/2011 5:28:09 PM
Wow- Can I just walk along with you guys? I always wanted to say, "I'm with the band!!" I played the whole scene with the banker in my head as I was reading about it- it was hysterical! I then read it out loud to my neighbors, my husband and my 14 yr. old son. Everyone did you "LOL" proud! Great blog.

10/2/2011 3:18:29 PM
Greetings from Canada: I'm not a new writer but I am new to Smashwords and find your blog to be very informative & helpful. I also quite like your stories and will be reading more of them. You seem to be a very genuine and very funny person. I must point out though that you've misspelled "weird" (twice) in your blog about your husband. It's just one of those funny words, isn't it. Anyway, thanks for your informative site. Cheers Lorene Mississauga, Canada


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