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Robin Badillo
3/28/2011 11:36:19 PM
LOL! I would love to share my embarrassing moments, but I don't think this box is big enough to type them all. I feel for you and anyone who has survived social mortification!! We're all in a club of elite creatures, better known as human! Great post!

Robin Haseltine
3/28/2011 11:48:38 PM
hoooo boy, Nina. That's a hard one for me to beat. It could be because I was so afraid of embarrassing myself all the way through HS and College, that I hardly ever said anything. (Anyone who knows me now wouldn't believe I was so, but it's true.) I hope John was a good sport!

3/29/2011 12:07:09 AM
Nina, You're one brave woman. I guess I can share one of mine (no names and no specifics other than a when): In high school, a guy friend of mine (who's still a friend to me to this day in spite of what I'm about to impart) wanted to take me out on a date--a romantic one, not just as friends. As nice as the guy was, I just wasn't interested in a romantic relationship with him. I told him no, and he kept asking me why not. I was uncomfortable with the reason (I wasn't attracted to him in that way) and I wanted to tell him nicely...but didn't know how (I didn't think "I'm not attracted to you" was very nice). I won't go into what I did say; but a the time my intentions were trying to be nice. Years later I found out just how mean my words were, no matter my best intentions. I apologized to the guy, who was nice enough to forgive me. I did make up for all of it by introducing him to his wife (who's also a friend of mine). They've been happily married almost 8 years (yes, she knows all about this and she laughed. She knew I meant well). Besides, it paved the way for her to enter his life. They've been together so long, it's hard to remember those days when they weren't (they dated several years before they got married). Now my friend asks his wife out, and she finds him very attractive and as for me...the only guy who asks me out now is MY husband (a guy I met some years after high school) and I think my husband is extremely attractive; so all's well that ends well :-)

3/29/2011 5:20:04 AM
Oh girl, I've done so much worse. However, I'm just not brave enough to post for everyone to see.

Nina Cordoba
3/29/2011 6:12:53 AM
Oh, good news, Robin B. After we found out people couldn't post more than 150 words, my husband tweaked it so you can write all you want. There's plenty of room for embarrassment all around--haha! Robin H.--I guess being shy does have it's advantages. A lot of my embarrassments have been in front of groups, like the time I neglected to take the clear "size strip" off the front of the skirt I'd bought at Old Navy. I was teaching a lower level ESL class so at they END of the class, 2 ladies came up and told me, using broken English and pointing. Oh, I guess I just told another one! Bethany--You cheated. There was nothing embarrassing in your story. Jody--Coward! Haha!

3/29/2011 8:54:45 AM
Jody, you must tell! I will tell a REALLY bad one just to make everyone feel better. Long before I met Nina, I used to ride motorcycles. I had a bright yellow Ducati that I was extremely proud of. So one day, I pull up to a crowded starbucks somewhere in down town Houston. Beautiful girls everywhere. I remember deliberating pulling off my helmet slowly, shaking out my hair while kicking out the kick stand. Just exuding cool. Then making sure I was making eye contact with the hottest girl, i swung my leg over the bike and.... oh crap... didn't... kick the... kick stand out.... bike... falling... crap... on me. Ya, NOT one of my better days. Totally mortified. Crawled out from under my bike and got out of there as fast as i could. Haven't been back to that starbucks since! Beat that one people!

3/29/2011 9:09:34 AM
Nina, Trust me it is embarrassing (at least it is to me). In fact, I'm STILL embarrassed by what I said. I just chose not to say what it was I said, but believe me, I most definitely was (and am) embarrassed by it.

7/21/2011 5:58:57 AM
Wow, that's a really clever way of thniikng about it!

7/24/2011 10:58:26 AM
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Judy Lattin
6/13/2012 11:18:32 AM
OMG, Nina I'm totally hooked on you're books and your blog!! I'm LOL with tears streaming down my cheeks!! My most embarrassing moment (so far, and its been a long time) was when I was in high school before pantyhose were invented (told you its been a long time). I had just come out of the girls restroom and was rushing off to a class and, you guessed it, my garters popped and both stockings immediately dropped to my ankles! Needless to say, I turnedand beet red and was mortified! The halls were crowded and it seemed everyone noticed and found great humor in my horror. I pulled myself together and reached down and pulled those hose back up from my ankles and flew back to the girls restroom to safety. I couldn't be late for class so I had to put myself back together and get rightthe back out to the hall where thankfully everyone else was rushing off to class. I was never so happy when pantyhose were invented and I could trash that garter belt!


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