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Loretta Wheeler
9/2/2011 10:25:43 AM
I'm sure I do notice threads, but, hey...I was up late and it would take me half the day to try and drumb one up from the abyss of sleep deprivation:):)I can only assume, we don't want to wait on me to pop up like a scavenger when I find one:) The one thing that did come to mind after reading your post, was the bittersweet beginnings and endings I notice. In Steel Magnolia's, it opens in move through holidays as guideposts throughout the story, and end where you Easter. I found it so touching. In one of my other favorite films, Jurassic Park, when you begin the entrance to the wonder of the Jurassic Kingdom, you're on the helicopter pad, with the magnificent waterfall in the background. When the story begins its close, the same scene is captured, but with a completely different feel, taking the audience from excitement and wonder, to horror and fear. Those are the things I notice...but I'm sure, after having more coffee, I'll recall movies with the threads tucked inside:)... I enjoyed this Nina:) Lo

9/10/2011 12:12:14 PM
So, reverse foreshadowing is a real thing? I found this blog by Googling that phrase out of curiosity. But I also have to say that I love "threads" as well, although I have never heard them described that way before. I've heard of "mini themes," but "thread" is definitely a better word.

Nina Cordoba
9/11/2011 1:51:40 PM
Actually Josie. I've never heard anyone else use that term. When I used it, I was referring to things like when a hero or heroine says they would never do something and you think, "Aha! I'll be she's going to end up doing that later!" or when Abbie's boss in Don't Make Me Make You Brownies makes the comment about how she hates lawyers, so you can guess what her love interest is going to turn out to be.

9/11/2011 2:40:53 PM
Oh, okay. Is there a word for something that happens in a story that has sort of been foreshadowed earlier, maybe even several times? Well, actually, I guess what I'm trying to describe is more like the continuation of a thread, or possibly its "knot." Inverse foreshadowing? I don't know.


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