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Suzan Harden
8/19/2011 10:38:31 PM
Ah, Nina, I think we all feel that way. Okay, some more than others. Most women though buy into the perfect woman myth. You're just brave enough and smart enough to be honest about it. For what it's worth, you brought up a smart, self-confident daughter, so you definitely got something right.

8/20/2011 2:34:17 AM
Applause for being honest about it! I've learned I do wonderfully as the "Cool Uncle", the one who goes to the movies and goes shopping and will talk about stuff parents won't, but the idea of Fatherhood terrified me; the incredible responsibility that goes with that always scared me. There are times I wish we'd had a baby, but at this stage in life, listening to friends coping with their teenagers, it's more of a "I missed out on WHAT?" feeling.

Jennifer Bray-Weber
8/20/2011 5:10:42 AM
Oh, Nina. Growing up, I never wanted to have children. All that parenting was for the birds. Like you, I'd gladly take the pooch, kitty, reptile, livestock, whatever. But hold a baby, nuh-uh, no thanks, gotta run. Things change. I have two wonderful kids ages almost 10 and almost 2. It's always an adventure. But I still don't want to hold other people's babies. :-) Jenn!

8/20/2011 1:22:44 PM
I discovered your writing lately and love both your novels. This blog has a timely subject since I just became a grandmother for the third time. I figure that this is a chance to reinvent myself. I look at my grandchild's face and wonder if I should try to sing the latest Katy Perry song to him or stick to Itsy Bitsy Spider. Either way he looks puzzled. I know about holding other children's babies. I think it is the fear factor. Maybe the fear of having another baby..shudder. The memories of raising my own kids..the joys and pains involved. Keep on writing your stories, Nina..I love them.

8/20/2011 2:49:29 PM
When a young woman says she longs for the patter of little feet, my advice is always to get a dog. They're cheaper and you get more feet.

Nina Cordoba
8/31/2011 7:17:42 AM
Thank you so much, Marie! And well said, as usual, Jody!

4/2/2013 11:01:13 AM
This is in response to a really old message. Oh well. I just wanted to say... I'm exactly the opposite. I freakin love kids, I just don't know how to deal with adults. If I'm forced to go to a party or something (uugghhhhnnnooo)I stand there staying to myself "please don't talk to me please don't talk to me please don't... oh crap they're coming to talk to me" and then I just stand there awkwardly wondering how the heck I'm supposed to interact with this person and wait for a break in the conversation or until they're distracted by something shiny and then make my way into the room where all the kids are and start playing tea party or something. See kids don't judge you like adults do. They're just like "oh you're going to play with me? SWEET." And that's it. And it's good times all around. Yay socially awkward me.


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