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9/5/2013 7:29:47 AM

Love Me Some Geek!

I love this! A perfect depiction of a writer married to a computer geek!

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12/21/2011 12:13:56 PM

Mia Like Crazy Released!

Wow. I can't express how relieved and happy I am for this book to finally be published. 

Mia Like Crazy was the first book of my heart, begun during the darkest time in my life. The only serious book I've written so far, it means so much to me because of the people close to me who shared many of Drew and Mia's struggles. 

Although I set it in the framework of a traditional marriage-of-convenience romance novel, the theme is more in line with movies like As Good As It Gets or Benny and Joon. These stories ask the questions, "Can two damaged people find enough left in themselves to care for each other? How can they possibly be good for each other?"

This book was reread and rewritten or edited over a hundred times in the past 9 years. As I learned more as a writer, I wanted to make it the best that it could be. Of course, I hope I don't turn out to be the only one in the world who "feels it," but even if that's the case, it was a labor of love.

I'm really going to miss Drew and Mia, to tell you the truth. I feel a little teary-eyed, kind of like when my daughter got her driver's license and drove away alone for the first time.

For those of you who read Mia Like Crazy, I've written blogs with extra information not found in the book. It contains lots of spoilers, so don't read it beforehand. You can find these by clicking the Book Extras category on the left side of this page.

I hope you enjoy Mia Like Crazy!

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12/19/2011 4:01:39 PM

Mia Extra's-Q&A

SPOILER ALERT: The following is full of spoilers and is only meant for those who have already read Mia Like Crazy. If you read this page without having read the story first, I will personally come to your house and thump you on the head. --Nina


How does Meridith know so fast that Drew and Mia should be together?

She doesn't. She's very concerned about Drew's isolation and desperate for him to interact with someone besides her and her kids. Since Meridith has a talent for hatching plots--probably inherited from her shady father--she seizes the opportunity when she sees Mia is an attractive woman, hoping the interaction will bring Drew out of his shell.

Meridith is also intuitive, and she has a good feeling about Mia immediately and hopes her brother will too. When she realizes Drew didn't tell Mia about his conviction, she thinks it's a sign that he likes Mia and couldn't bring himself to tell her the truth.

Why is Mia crying constantly, after so many years without tears?

Drew is emotional boot camp for Mia. She's felt dead inside from blocking so many emotions, but Drew and Meridith's forthrightness about their past draws her in. Once she allows herself to feel something for Drew, a door is opened to all the feelings she's blocked for so long.

Why is Mia so forward with Drew so soon after they meet?

Mia doesn't realize it at first, but she is as deprived of real human interaction as Drew is, and she's drawn to him in a way she's never experienced before. As scary as Drew might seem to some people, for Mia, his life is a non-threatening environment where she doesn't have to pretend anymore. Away from her carefully planned and controlled existence, she is freed up to be herself.

Why does Meridith spend so much time on charitable organizations that she regularly wins awards for her work?

She's trying desperately to make up for what her father did and the questionable ways her family may have gained her fortune. It bothered her so much initially, she wanted to return the money, but there was no way to know how much was "ill-gotten gain," or who to return it to.

She had to settle for donating to worthy causes and heading up fundraisers to assuage her own guilt at what she views as an undeserved fortune. This is another reason she's so eager to give Drew his share, hoping it will do something positive for her brother to make for the "sins" of the past.

What did Drew think about all those hours while he was watching Mia sleep off her headache?

Although Drew hadn't drawn anything since he was a boy, he was always mentally sketching. Since he believed Mia wouldn't stay around for long, he sat by her bedside, mentally drawing out every detail of her face, hoping to memorize every feature. He became uncharacteristically optimistic during these hours and mentally wrote and rewrote a dozen different proposals, and even slipped a string around her ring finger to ascertain her size for the engagement ring. When he finished all that, he decided to count her eyelashes, so his mental picture would be just right. This is what he was doing when Mia awoke and found him leaning forward with his chin propped on his hands, staring into her eyes.

If Drew is such a meticulous control freak, why does he leave his top two buttons undone? Why doesn’t he wear a tie?

Drew can't bear to wear a tie or have his shirt buttoned up to the top. His father subjected him to all kinds of abuse, including wrapping various items around his neck and choking him. Drew thought he was about to die at these times, so he can't stand anything pressing against his throat.

What Mia never knows is that the hardest thing for Drew on their wedding day isn’t facing the people there or even the kiss. The most challenging part for Drew is wrapping the ends of the bowtie around his neck and tying them together. But his desire to keep her near is so strong he manages to overcome what's become a phobia over the years. He continues to feel like he's choking every moment until he goes to his room that evening and takes off the tie, but he's determined not to show it. He doesn’t want to have to explain to anyone the details of why this is so hard for him.

What does Drew mean when he says that Meridith “paid up front” for her fortune?

Drew is referring to the sexual abuse Meridith suffered at the hands of their biological father. Meridith shared this with Drew in the hopes of making a connection and letting him know he wasn’t alone, and it worked. This commonality of abusive childhoods between them was the one thing that allowed Drew to trust and empathize with Meridith and let her gradually into his life.

And her reference to trying to kill herself?

Meridith made two “suicide attempts” when she was a young teenager. She didn’t want to die so much as she wanted someone to realize she needed saving from her father. It didn’t work. He was too influential for anyone to question in Vaughndale.

However, later, she realized how important appearances were in her father’s circle and threatened to expose him if he didn’t leave her alone. It worked, but for years, she wondered if she could have stopped it sooner if she’d only had the courage to stand up to him. She was also haunted by a suspicion that her father was responsible for her mother’s death, although she was never sure if the foggy memory from when she was a young child was real or imagined. Time spent with Dr. Schultz finally allowed her to put the past in the past.

What would Drew have been like if he hadn’t been abused?

Drew’s natural inclination was toward the arts and he has nearly a photographic memory for visual things, but he is also surprisingly good at math and science. With supportive parents, he would have probably followed one or more of those paths.

How could Drew love Mia so much, yet have so much trouble showing her, physically?

Nearly all positive touches stopped for Drew at the age of seven. The man he thought was his father only touched him to torture him. Later, Drew’s baseball coach learned not to place a hand on his shoulder when he spoke to Drew, as he did other players. Drew would tense and pull away. To Drew, the sense of touch was synonymous with pain. Touching only occurred when you were receiving or inflicting pain.

Do Drew and Mia stay together?

For the answer to that question, see the blog post entitled "Mia's Letter--20 Years Later."


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