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4/6/2011 11:54:37 AM

Cult Recommendation

It's hard enough keeping up with blogs and websites and Facebook...while having my husband look at me like I'm a ditz when I ask him questions with obvious (to him) answers.

I've now decided even the lowliest technologies are against me.

I get blood-blisters or bruises every time I use the hand-held can opener. Of course, I'm not sure why I don't have an electric one since there are 6 computers, 3 iPads and 4 iPhones in this house.

So today, the pharmacy stapled the receipt to the bag as usual, but this time when I grabbed it from the seat of my car to take it inside, a staple got stuck in the crease between my thumb and thumbnail. (Several staples were in there, so I couldn't figure out which way mine was facing to know whether to push or pull to get it out rather than impale myself on it further. There's blood and everything! Sniff-sniff).

And just now, my dog wanted out, so I had to go look out the window and make sure the pool guy had left. I leaned forward and tugged at the blinds...and bashed my head into the wall next to the window. Yes, the same wall that's always there. Wait, I guess walls don't really count as technology...

Regardless, if you know of a good anti-technology cult, please give me their email address, Facebook link and Twitter name so I can contact them.

But I guess technology isn't so bad. In Not Dreaming of You, it's because of a high-tech dating service that Kiki and Mark find each a round about way.

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