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3/30/2011 8:59:49 PM

Converting your Kindle prc File into Nook Format

Update: When I wrote the blog below, these steps were necessary to load to the Kindle Direct Publishing and Pub It (Now Nook Press) sites. Since then, they have changed their process so that they accept Microsoft Word and other formats. 


Due to popular demand (okay one person's demand), I've stayed up late and written a second blog today on formatting for Nook by converting from the .prc file you've already created for Kindle. Here it is:

-Go to and download Calibre.

-Open Calibre

-Click (Red) "Add Book" button

-Opens file selector box

-Double click on manuscript .prc file (made previously for Kindle--see other blog)

-Shows up on list of books on calibre

-Right click your new book. A box will appear with several choices.

-Hover over "convert books" with your cursor. Another box will pop out to the side.

-Choose "convert individually" 

-Look in upper right corner. Make sure Output format is "EPUB" (If not, click the arrow and choose EPUB)

-Click "Okay"--It converts for you.

-Look in your files--Libraries--Calibre libraries

-Find your book file

-Click on the manuscripts .epub file (This is the file you upload to pubit for Nook)

So far, this has worked perfectly for me.

Okay, I'm really tired, so I hope I did that right. I hope this helps Lo, and anyone else who needs it. Now go buy Not Dreaming of You--haha! No, really.

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