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4/20/2016 10:45:41 PM

Why Audible is Awesome

 I have removed this blog post because Audible (an Amazon company) is stealing from authors by allowing listeners to listen to our audiobooks and return them to get their monthly credit back for another book. We DO NOT get paid for these returns. 

Why would Audible do something that would lose them money? 

Audible is not losing money. They are advertising heavily right now to add more subscribers while letting people game the system. Audible does not pay for the production of most audiobooks on their platform. They are paid for by authors or publishers.

It costs thousands of dollars to make an audiobook of the quality Audible requires. So, while Audible racks up subscribers, they are using our money and stealing from us. Many of us can 't just go to another platform because we are in contracts with Audible or with narrators through Audible. 

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