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4/20/2016 10:45:41 PM

Why Audible is Awesome

I’ve been a member of for several years now, and I love it.

(If you want to know what audiobooks in general have done for me, read my 10 Reasons Women Should Be Listening to Audiobooks post.)

Technology has changed audiobook listening and you no longer have to buy super-expensive physical tapes or CDs or check them out of the library. In fact, Audible has made listening to audiobooks a wonderful experience. Here’s why:

1. Sales and deals. In addition to the special low member pricing I get, Audible is always offering me ways to get more books and save money. First, they have frequent Members Only sales. I’ve gotten audiobooks for the price of an ebook at these sales, and I didn't have to kick, punch or trample anyone to get them. Also, if I finish a book and have no more credits left, Audible offers me the chance to purchase additional credits at a discounted price. This all happens quickly and easily, which brings me to the next reason.

2. A great app. My Audible app is one of the most user-friendly pieces of technology I’ve encountered. It’s like they realized I’m barely able to turn the ringer on and off on my phone and (like Mr. Nina does with my website tools) they created something a monkey could use. It’s super easy to purchase audiobooks and listen on your phone or other device.

You’ll find recommendations on your store home page based on other things you’ve purchased and you can keep a wish list. It’s also easy to search using an author name, title, or even a narrator name (for when you’ve heard a narrator you particularly like and want to hear more of.) 

It’s simple to check your library to see what you already own. Some books are so enjoyable, I listen to them more than once.

I use my phone’s speaker, earbuds, noise-cancelling wireless earphones, or my car speakers, depending on the situation. When finished with a book, I can choose to store the audiobook in the cloud to free up space on my device. I’ve done this back and forth from the cloud a number of times. It’s simple and fast.

3. Channels. There’s a new feature Audible has added called “Channels” that’s included with your membership. Channels has all kinds of things to listen to, from TEDTalks to comedy to short, scary stories. It’s in beta, so I’m just starting to explore, but the first TEDTalk I happened onto was awesome and could easily have kept my interest while driving around or doing laundry.

Now you want book recommendations? Jeez, you're demanding!

Okay, here are some I've enjoyed:


No More Mr. Nice Girl (romantic comedy) by me, Nina Cordoba- I can't read my own finished works because I always find something I want to rewrite, but the actress/narrator Susannah Jones did such an incredible job, I keep wanting to listen over and over again.

Rock Chick series (funny, sexy, action-packed romance) by Kristen Ashley. This is how I knew Susannah Jones was the narrator I wanted. I'd had trouble finding narrators who did the comedy and accents I needed, but here she was in my Audible Library.

Not Dreaming of You by Nina Cordoba

Always Dreaming of You by Nina Cordoba

Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid, narrated by Jennifer Grace

Yes, Please written and narrated by Amy Poehler

Madigan Again (Comedy Show) by Kathleen Madigan

Psychological Thrillers:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, narrated by Julia Whelan and Kirby Heyborne (Also great by Gillian Flynn, Dark Places and Sharp Objects)

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Historical Romance:

The Husband Trap, The Wife Trap, The Wedding Trap by Tracy Anne Warren. Narrated by Bianca Amato.

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