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4/20/2016 9:46:43 PM

10 Reasons Women Should Listen to Audiobooks

Studies have shown that if you have a job, a husband or a child, your brain needs a vacation every 6 days. If you have all 3, that number drops to every 2 days.

Okay, I made all that up, but I’ve had jobs, husbands and kids, and I think it’s pretty accurate.

Unfortunately, I can’t take a vacation every couple of days, so I take a lot of what I call “brain-cations” with audiobooks and, I have to say, they are the best (non-alcoholic, non-pharmaceutical) attitude adjusters I’ve found.

Here are some times I’ve used audiobooks to keep me from losing my (easily lost) mind.

1. Waiting. I can’t stand it. I’m type A and, if you’re a mom, you can spend all kinds of time waiting in afterschool car lines, sitting at soccer practices, etc. But with audiobooks, you can just stick earbuds in your ears, click the Audible app on your phone, and still appear to be watching little McKenzie kick the ball into the goal. (Or, in my case, watch little Sisi stand waaaay back on the field and never get near the ball, even though she insisted she wanted to be on the team until after I paid for the enrollment, the cleats and the shin guards.)

2. Commuting. When I was a single mom in the middle of a divorce, I ended up teaching English as a Second Language at 2 different schools, one of them way, way across the city. Audiobooks took the stress out of the commute and kept me from thinking about traffic, lawyers, and my angry ex. You really can have a commute that feels like a nice break, instead of a miserable chore. I did.

3. Air travel, road trips. If you have to travel distances to work or fly, audiobooks are awesome! You can plug your phone into the Aux port in your car, or use the Bluetooth function, and be surrounded by the story. Or, on a plane, you can put on your noise-cancelling earphones, close your eyes, and pretend you’re not sandwiched between the snoring business man on your right and the compulsive talker on your left.

4. Loathsome activities. For me, it’s being in the kitchen. In my childhood fantasies, when I grew up, I lived in a huge house alone in L.A., except for a cook/housekeeper I saw occasionally, and I never set foot in the kitchen. As a teenager, I liked to design layouts of my future, quirky house. Looking back, I realize I never included a kitchen in my “blueprints.” Nowadays, when I’m making dinner, I find myself getting angry. Yes, angry. I have no explanation for this, but I do have a remedy. Listening to audiobooks keeps me from turning from kindly Dr. Jekyll to “say something about my food and I’ll stick a fork in your eye” Mr. Hyde. Do you have a loathsome activity or is it just me?

5. Exercising. (For some of you, this may come under the previous category. Sometimes it does for me.) I’ve listened to audiobooks while running on the treadmill and time passes much more quickly than it does when I’m listening to music, even though I love music.

6. Migraine mode. A lot of women suffer from migraines. These monster headaches leave me almost completely incapacitated, since I’m blinded by light, sick at my stomach, and in terrible pain. Audiobooks actually help distract my brain and give me something to do other than stress about all the things I’m not getting done because I have a freaking migraine!

7. Research and Learning. Whether you want to be more successful at work or learn how to handle personal finances or (like me) keep up with what’s happening in the genre you write in, audiobooks are awesome because you can get your learning done even when you can’t stare into a book. 

8. General Type A. As a Type A personality, I constantly feel like I’m wasting time doing things like folding clothes and sorting socks when I should be writing or reading or multi-tasking in some way. Audiobooks can make you feel like you’re multi-tasking and take the annoyance out of mindless chores by engaging your brain in something more interesting.

9. Mood Issues. I don't want to be mean to my family, but sometimes I'm just exhausted and frustrated. I’ve found comedy shows and other fun stuff in audio form. Sometimes, I even listen to certain authors before I start writing to get my brain into a loose, funny mood. If you need a mood boost before facing your boss, your kids or your husband, this way is even faster than pharmaceuticals, and definitely safer than happy hour if you’re driving.

10. Need a reward. Sometimes when the writing is going slowly, I feel frustrated and want to quit for the day (often at 11 a.m.). I tell myself, if I finish writing the scene, I get to listen to an audiobook chapter while I eat lunch. Or, if I’m feeling hermitty and don’t want to leave the house to pick up necessities, I remind myself that while I’m in the car, I get to listen to the audiobooks I’m “reading.”  By the way, I can see you right now through your electronic device and you really look like you could use a reward. You deserve it.

Bonus reason:

(I’m a Type A overachiever. You didn’t really think I could stick to 10 did you?)

11. Validation. Sometimes I just need to hear that other women are having the same thoughts and struggles that I’m having and it’s truly not just me and my character flaws that make life hard. For this, I like books written and performed by female comedians who are often working while wanting to be awesome wives and the best moms ever and feeling they are falling short. Maybe you don't need this because you are soooo organized and awesome and you've got it all together. If so, imagine me sticking my tongue out at you right now.

I guess I can honestly say audiobooks have changed my life. I feel like I get to go on a brain-cation for at least a few minutes every day, stepping into a different place and time without the dangers I’ve often encountered with actual time travel. (Okay, that’s really Claire from Outlander, also available in audiobook, by the way.)

Here are my books that are available in audio (so far):

No More Mr. Nice Girl

Not Dreaming of You

Always Dreaming of You

To learn other advantages to being an Audible member, like secret sales (Shhh!), go to my Why Audible is Awesome post. I had no idea about all the member advantages until I actually joined, but I’ll gladly spill the beans to you.

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