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1/11/2016 6:07:39 PM

Tacos, Torches, and Trump Has Some 'Splaining to Do

I’ve been unable to travel much the past few years, but now that my migraines are under control, I made a whirlwind trip to Corpus Christi with my daughter and Mr. Nina.

What I learned (or re-learned):

1. Carne guisada tacos are love wrapped in a tortilla.

2. My relatives are still hilarious! Some because they’re witty. Some because they’re characters. Some because they know how to tell a story for the most dramatic and humorous effect. Or maybe they’re all all-of-the-above. It’s hard to be sure with everyone talking at the same time.

3. The torch is being carried on by a new generation. At my daughter’s request, we stopped by to see my cousin’s daughter who shares some of my daughter's interests. We laughed so hard at her story of what she went through to land her husband—if I’d taken notes, I could have had a movie script—we didn’t want to leave and felt like we should have paid a cover charge. (I’d already gotten one thing from her that’s written into my upcoming book: Dead Men Don’t Chew Gum.)


What Mr. Nina learned:

1. He can happily eat Mexican food for every meal.

2. That my family is full of good-hearted people whose jobs and/or spare time often involve helping, teaching, caretaking, and even lifesaving. He was impressed by their huge corazones (hearts).

3. His easy-going stepdaughter who has been his buddy for the past 8 years will turn on him, give him the death stare and speak to him in a tone of voice he’s never heard before if he eats the pan dulce (Mexican pastries) she picked out instead of the ones he chose.

She wanted that empanada, damn it!

What my daughter learned:

She may be capable of violence after all, and if she is, it will be triggered by someone eating her damned pan dulce!

On a side note, Mr. Nina was kind of insulted that there were Mexicans everywhere in Corpus Christi and no one tried to rape him. (Donald Trump really set him up for disappointment on that one.)

All in all, it was whirlwind, but it was fun and maybe a bit inspiring. You never know what nuggets from from real life will turn up in my stories!

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