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10/3/2015 2:54:57 PM

This is for the Paper Lovers!


Yes, I finally gave in and put out all my books in paperback.

Why did it take me so long? Well, there was a whole 'nother process involved that was more complicated than publishing the ebook versions. And to be honest, once I tried an ereader (mine happens to be a Kindle Paperwhite with a leather cover that makes it BETTER than reading paper), I thought everyone would be switching to electronic reading any minute.

Clearly, a lot of people have switched to ereading here and in the UK, where I was surprised to see my books take off. (I didn't know the humor would translate into Ukayian or Britese or whatever people speak over there). However, occasionally I'd get a reader wanting to know how she could buy a paperback version. I'm a big old pleaser, so, what can I say? I caved. And to be perfectly honest, there was a certain sense of wonder that came with opening the box and pulling out physical manifestations of years of work.

What was really awesome, though, was that the covers came out even more gorgeous in paperback than ebook! I could stare at Not Dreaming of You, Always Dreaming of You and No More Mr. Nice Girl all day. Mr. Nina's favorite cover is Mia Like Crazy.

Anyway, the links to both ebooks and paperbooks are on my book page.

And big kisses to those of you who read me in ebook and have now ordered the paperbacks too! And when I say big kisses, I mean you better not let me catch you in person or your face is going to be sloppy wet!

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