Author - Nina Cordoba

About Nina


I was born a Mexi-glo, as my parents called it--half Mexican, half Anglo. The two sides of my family are very different in the levels of drama and touchy-feely-ness, but also very much alike in their kindheartedness, respect for learning, and constant laughter about almost anything.

Since my parents left their Texas/Louisiana homes to find adventure in California, that's where I was born. We eventually moved to Texas, but as a native Californian, I still qualify to use words like "vibe" and "aura" without ridicule.

I'm known for my sense of humor and my annoying habit of turning everything into a song. As a child, I dreamed that someday, I'd be in a place and start singing and everyone around me would burst into song spontaneously with me. In my 40's, I found a soul mate who is a natural musician. He and my musically talented step-son make my dreams come true by jumping in and singing, humming or duh-duh-duhing along with anything from classical to rock. My teenage daughter eggs us on, participates, or simply jumps in to correct mis-sung lyrics, depending on her mood.

We are a very quirky family and it's probably a good thing we don't have camera's on us 24-hours a day, although I sometimes wish I had recordings of the creative, bizarre, or brilliant conversations we have...or at least we think they're brilliant at the time.

My husband is one of the smartest people I've ever met. Of course, he comes from a family of Chinese geniuses, but he also has a romantic, passionate heart and is sort of a Latino wannabe. His progress in learning Spanish has far outstripped my progress in learning Chinese.

I'm super proud of my daughter for having all kinds of friends from all over the world, and understanding that different cultures are wonderful and interesting, not something to be judged as inferior to our own. Blonde and blue-eyed, she gets a bit annoyed sometimes if her friends don't recognize her as a "Latina"--she's 1/4.

I've taught English to adult students from all over the world. Their stories have been an inspiration to me. I started teaching ESL just before my mother died. I cried constantly for a year and the only time I could forget her tragic death was when I was teaching my classes.

Then one night, after a lifetime of writing journalistic and marketing materials, I started writing a novel, then I wrote another and another.